A living, challenging, highly sensual precious spice. Touch it, experience it, and so embrace it. Tame it. Patiently and meticulously. One by one select the supplest, fullest beans, to find the warm brown seeds and the intense aromatic richness hidden within. Master every stage as they are transformer with art and precision. Curing those that will naturally develop their flavor delivering their woody, epicurean or spicy notes. With technical skills and know-how, work on the nuances of those destined to become sweet sugars, refined powders, smooth pastes or intense extracts. And then spread the word. Spread the word about these creative resources to chefs and artisans. And tell them exactly which ones will inspire symbiotic stories woven around their pastries, mousses, sauces, ice creams, confectionery to reveal the full potential and delicacy of their dishes. Will arouse personal emotions through their aroma and flavor to make their culinary creations, by their very nature ephemeral, unforgettable.