Extracting the essence is our theme. It expresses our desire to extract only the purest and the noblest flavors. In other words, the essence of taste.


Muriel Acat-Vergnet Chairwoman

Prova is a story of family and passions, which has been written for three generations.

Daniel, my father has raised the small family business to the big leagues, to make it an international leader in its specialties. Entrepreneur at heart, bold and creative, he imagined innovative aromatic solutions, knowing how to surround himself with talents, keys to our success.

Heir for three generations of family and entrepreneurial values, I am both proud to carry the torch of our company and proud of our historical anchorage in the land of France from where we continue our spin-off in the world.

The quality of the links we forge, the close relationships based on mutual respect and mutual aid have always been and will always be our strength. This is how I see the company, a human adventure that is both complex and exciting.

Our values reflect who we are and are naturally expressed around taste.

The taste to dare: our rallying cry, the taste for products: the passion for our professions, the taste of others and ours: a particular attention paid to each person, customers, suppliers, collaborators, and then more than ever the taste of life: that of respect for the earth and men.

My role is to continue to grow our company, write new chapters and prepare the next generation. That is why I will continue to care and act ethically for our own and others.

Those who, one day, will take the reins of the company, will do the same. I have immense confidence in my team