Expertise #2

Expertise #2

The story begins in 1946, when we develop a new technique for extracting vanilla, able to capture with finesse and precision the essence of this exceptional spice.
Over the years, our know-how has grown, our expertise strengthened.


PROVA’s expertise is evidenced first and foremost in the superiority of our sourcing. Only a thorough knowledge of the growing area and a relationship of trust with our producers can guarantee optimal product quality. Together with an ongoing commitment to identify and secure the very finest raw materials, PROVA has an in-depth knowledge of the producers with whom we have forged solid partnerships for years.

Our huge demand for vanilla makes PROVA one of the world’s largest importers of vanilla beans and makes a major contribution to the quality assurance and competitiveness that PROVA offers our customers.



PROVA has long been committed to finding the best ingredients in the 4 corners of the world.

The company has favored supply chains that allow fair remuneration for producers, the selection of healthy products for consumers, cultural practices that respect the environment and local geographical origins.




With 75 years of experience as an ingredient supplier, PROVA has developed techniques to optimally extract the maximum essence from our raw materials. This unique technology allows us to capture the full and authentic flavor, providing you with the highest quality ingredients to use in your creations.