Featured Chef

Nicolas began his love of pastries during his childhood in the south of France, where his grandmother’s pastries, especially her incredible “crème caramel”, are still cherished memories.

 During this time, he was interested in cooking and loved to play with kitchen utensils. After losing his father at a very young age, he began preparing meals for his family. This interest grew and by the age of 15 he was preparing banquets for family and friends.

Nicolas when on to earn a bachelors in science, before realizing that his interests in gastronomy had grown. This led him to continue his studies in the gastronomy field, earning a Brevet de Technicien Supࡕérieur (diploma of advanced technician) in south-western France.

Taking the advice of the professors he met throughout his schooling, Nicolas began his career by joining a series of prestigious teams. He started at the Relais de la Poste (2 Michelin stars) with Jean Cousteau before moving on to the Waterside Inn (3 Michelin stars) in the UK with chef Michel Roux. It was at the Waterside Inn where he solidified his interest in pastry.

After graduating, Nicolas moved to Paris to join the team at Carré des Feuillants (2 Michelin stars) with the chef Alain Dutournier, where he soon became the lead of their pastry team.

Wanting to deepen his knowledge of pastry arts, he then joined the esteemed team at the Georges V. hotel in Paris. There he was a part of a large kitchen brigade, a team with a passion for perfection in organization, along with incredible products. He stayed there for 7 years, learning the ins and outs of palace pastries and pure pastries alike.

In 2011, Nicolas took his talents to Japan, where he joined the team at the Valrhona school in Tokyo. There, he was able to work with incredible people, expanding his knowledge of chocolate work, as well as learning how to teach. Valrhona then offered him a position in Brooklyn as a pastry chef, where he was able to grow his love of the chocolate world and all the richness it can offer.

Nicolas has moved on from his work at Valrhona and now travels the world participating in gastronomic events, giving demonstrations, teaching classes, and helping companies to open and reinforce their knowledge. He has greatly enjoyed this consulting work as its helped him to realize the variety of needs within the industry and he has a love of sharing his knowledge and learning new techniques. Additionally, he has started an online business and opened a retail space in New Jersey selling his own creations.